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Google spying scandals. Banning mafiaism against Hungary and the countries of the world

Google spying scandals. Banning mafiaism against Hungary and the countries of the world

The shocking exposé letter addressed to the director of Google Hungary and sent simultaneously to the Hungarian National Security Office (secret service), as well as to other places, was posted on February 20, 2020. It provides a criminal and human rights overview of the intolerable abuse of power by Google and YouTube against the whole world, which may be unprecedented in Hungarian-language sources.

Dear Paul Biro, Director of Google-YouTube in Hungary!

I would like to inform you that I am also forwarding this letter to the National Security Office, as well as to other addresses and diplomatic offices, as the operation of Google-YouTube seriously violates the national security interests and laws of all countries in the world, and probably no country on the planet legally allows the existence of such multinational spy organizations as Google-YouTube. Therefore, according to the law, their operation is also prohibited in the respective countries, so for example, the entire YouTube Inc. with its accessibility should be banned, as this is the law, probably everywhere in the world.

We have been dealing with the extremely serious abuses of YouTube for years, even before YouTube was acquired by Google, creating even greater national security and criminal chaos against all countries and nations in the world.

In the recent period, according to all news sources, Google-YouTube banned all videos from Pesti Srácok, a well-known media outlet supporting the Hungarian government, citing false accusations of pedophilia. This ban includes all their videos from the past five years, including those related to human rights issues. At the same time, the American multinational company confiscated and now owns all of the videos and correspondence of the Hungarian media outlet called Pesti Srácok. European countries punish such actions with severe prison sentences, and it may lead to the total ban and liquidation of such so-called "service providers."

Although we are radical opposition members, we consider the ban to be absolutely unacceptable, not only from a moral standpoint but also because it violates several articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed by the member states of the United Nations. Moreover, it is an irreversible diplomatic outrage and interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

Meanwhile, the YouTube account of Gyurcsány Ferenc, former Prime Minister of Hungary and the current leader of the largest opposition party in Hungary, was also deleted by Google-YouTube. Google-YouTube falsely cited copyright violations and, with its usual lack of care, did not even meet the minimum requirements. It acted based on false reports, such as "Locust-faced Gypsy" and "Stupid Patrick." No other micro, medium, or multinational corporation operates so carelessly, haphazardly, superficially, and sloppily as Google-YouTube. Its operations are so extremely unprofessional that it would not be allowed to perform any of its current activities in civilized countries.

Meanwhile, Google-YouTube accused me of copyright infringement in a video I made alone in front of the camera about Einstein's theory of relativity and time dilation. According to the Google-YouTube report, the accuser was Arpad Molnar, who used my name (Árpád Molnár F.). This accusation is easy to verify since thousands of my photos are visible on the entire channel and every other search engine. The verification of the report's authenticity should be simple, even for the most despicable companies. However, Google-YouTube, which seeks exclusive control and surveillance rights over all countries worldwide, does not even bother to follow the law.

Google-YouTube has stated that they will send my appeal to the notifier. This is again a strictly prohibited procedure in all countries of the European Union, where data protection laws penalize even minor data breaches with exorbitant fines. By doing this, Google-YouTube shared private secrets with a false notifier who pretended to be me, a criminal who claimed my exclusive intellectual property as their own and requested it to be banned. Google-YouTube sent this unknown criminal private information up to my address, which I solely wanted to share with Google-YouTube to prove my identity. Google-YouTube provides victims of crime to criminals. This is unacceptable, and under European data protection laws, it alone can be a sufficient reason for the ban, dissolution, fragmentation, confiscation, and replacement of Google-YouTube.

Meanwhile, yesterday and today I received letters from Google-YouTube about the ban of three of our videos, citing their content, which are private videos and can only be seen by me. The videos are homemade, political, and human rights short films. Google-YouTube has nothing to do with their content; in fact, revealing them is punishable by imprisonment in almost all countries of the world, and the offending company is mostly dissolved by authorities. I also received a letter from Google-YouTube stating that they will put another video of mine under the age limit of 18; however, that video is also private, a personal video. And it's also about human rights.

With this, Google-YouTube admitted that it examines the private videos, personal videos, and secrets of every resident, politician, business, and entrepreneur, state employee, actor, athlete, scientist, and research institute, police officer, military officer, soldier, military technology company, etc., of all countries in the world one by one, examines their content with different methods, and listens to them.

This means that Google and YouTube operate as exposed espionage organizations against all countries in the world, which, according to the national security laws of the world's countries, must be immediately banned, fragmented, confiscated, replaced, and sanctioned immediately with organized searches and arrests worldwide.

The world's governments and intelligence services should be notified of Google-YouTube's recently mentioned failed espionage practices, and governments should ensure that news and evidence of Google and YouTube's totalitarian spying reach all people on the planet, especially those who come into contact with state secrets, classified information, etc. through any application used by any state. At the same time, secret data and information can be accessed by anyone in the world, so it is understandable that Google and YouTube cannot operate on the planet because their activities pose a direct threat to all countries, peoples, and nations.

There are many other daily issues to continue with: In recent times and years, Google-YouTube has repeatedly deleted Hungarian videos, citing hate speech, in which the Holocaust against the Jews was mentioned. All of these deleted videos were on the side of the Jews against genocide. Videos were also deleted that presented theater performances commemorating the Holocaust or interviews with the director of the play. Google-YouTube destroyed all of these under the pretext of hate speech.

They also deleted many Hungarian videos en masse that simply mentioned the name of Mark Phillips, who spoke about the American intelligence services' MK-Ultra project and other illegal human programming he described or spoke about the role of Nazi officers and Nazi doctors in the mind programming used in the US after World War II, or simply mentioned Werner Von Braun, the developer of the Saturn 5 rocket, with the simple historical statement that Werner Von Braun was Nazi Germany's chief rocket developer, then brought to the USA and made the head of the rocket program.

Among the many daily scandals of Google-YouTube is also the case of Kiss Endre Farkas, who documented and published in film form the most street protests of the 2000s, and who was reported by mentally ill users with false accusations, citing copyright violations, such as "Cross-eyed Gypsy, King of the Street, ex-porn star." In a way that is characteristic of Google-YouTube's most extreme treachery and illegality, all of Kiss Endre Farkas's channels and videos were banned, and he was denied access to his own emails. Meanwhile, the "whole country" knows that Kiss Endre Farkas made the banned recordings and he is visible in them, and they are entirely his property.

One of the leading law enforcement agencies in Hungary, the National Bureau of Investigation (NNI), has established a department to combat cybercrime. We consider it important that this agency, the NNI, also initiates investigations into cases of document falsification, copyright infringement, and so on.

Even more important is that Hungarian - and in fact all the world's - national security services create specialized departments, operational units, and headquarters that not only collect data and evidence of organized crimes committed by Google and YouTube, but also develop plans and recommendations for governments and others on how to permanently ban, seize, and replace Google and YouTube with service providers that comply with legal and civilizational standards, instead of being privately run terrorist and espionage organizations that treat all of humanity, along with its laws and human rights, with contempt and hatred.

We consider it important to provide data, evidence, and national security reports to various places against Google-YouTube's terrorist, espionage, and other criminal mafia offenses against the entire world, as well as to generally promote the total ban, liquidation, seizure, and replacement of Google and YouTube.

Furthermore, we urge that Google and YouTube's open espionage activities against all countries in the world and millions of other criminal offenses be brought to the attention of the United Nations (UN), aiming at the breakup and permanent ban and replacement of these multinationals, which should extend to the entire surface of the planet.

Some of Google-YouTube's organized crimes committed against the entire world are known through the global press, how they manipulate search results, and how they ruin companies that they believe could pose a problem to Google's total power and financial expansion in an illegal manner.

One of the latest criminal acts committed by Google-YouTube, which qualifies as terrorism under the laws of several countries and is therefore prosecutable, is that after Turkey fined Google-YouTube, Google-YouTube responded by resorting to terrorism and punishing an entire country and its people as a private enterprise by banning the use of Android there.

Since Google-YouTube committed the most serious crimes in this regard, in an organized manner and on the orders of Google-YouTube leaders, the case of Google and YouTube must be brought before the United Nations and other international human rights and global political forums, and with the unified action of all the world's countries, the spy organization manipulating the elections of all the world's countries must be banned, confiscated, broken up, and replaced with providers that every citizen can bring to court in their own country, and the world's peoples can claim compensation for the damages they have suffered through the courts.

Árpád F. Molnár,
founder and editor-in-chief of Hírháttér Multimédia,
editor-in-chief of HírAréna Online,
president of the Hungarian Advocacy and Legal Defense Association.




Budapest, Hungary.
E-mail: egyesulet.jogvedo@gmail.com



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